Monday, March 17, 2014

Sacrifice = Blessings. Do the Math.

Well, I have heard a lot about Oklahoma, sounds like it went pretty well! I am really proud of my brothers. What standouts they are, it's so cool. 
 Isn't it cool though how everything gets pulled together last minute? And that is so sweet of those kids. Wow, you had better save that card. That is cool. You make me miss home so much more; hearing about all of these things is just tough! But I'll have Performance Memories DVD to tide me over when I get back. Ha ha. 
Sounds like some cool lessons from Elder Garns. Something that I have noticed is that lessons go better by far when you get the audience participating more. That's what I’ve been trying to do with district meetings, getting people involved and engaged.  This week we did District Jeopardy, I had 5 categories. The “Challenging and Testifying Missionary” ( a talk I had them read beforehand), Working with members, Finding in faith, Ridiculous role-plays, and Quirky Quotes. All of them were missionary things except for the last, which was trying to guess where the character and movie the quote came from, like Star Wars or Napoleon Dynamite. It was fun.
That is interesting to hear about the Family Proclamation, first that it is that old but also that it really has been a clear definition of belief when everything else has changed. Wow, revelation! 
Can you believe that it is already halfway through March? Sorry but it just struck me that it has been a really long time since I've been home. Man.
I have to take off, but here’s some quick news. First, we picked up a new investigator last week! His whole family is members but Brother M isn't and it's been that way for like 20 years. So they invited us over for dinner a few days ago.  We were planning on inviting him to take the discussions but we just got super cold feet all of a sudden. We ate dinner and we shared a Mormon Message and were talking about the Book of Mormon, and I just got this feeling to be bold! I asked him if he'd read it, and if he'd felt the Spirit. He said he had. So we invited him to take the discussions and he accepted. Man, the devil was working on us, trying to make us chicken out but we just went through, and now we're teaching him! I am so excited. When we told the ward council they were just shocked. Apparently he's been asked to take the lessons before but he's always said no. Not this time! His daughter came up to us after the lesson. She was super grateful for us inviting him and told us that she felt like a big part of his change of heart was her making the sacrifice to go to seminary every day. So there you go! Sacrifice= blessings. Do the math. 
I'll send a letter with two comics this week and some more news plus explaining why I had so short time today to email!   Well, Happy St. Patrick's Day! 
Love Elder Wright

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