Monday, March 3, 2014

I'm a big fan of this area already...

So here I am in Lancaster. I am loving it, this ward is super loving and they are pumped to do missionary work. I am a big fan of this area already. Things aren't super busy right now but we have been just getting out there more, talking to tons of people, and working hard, and I know things are going to turn around soon. I'm a walk elder again, which I love, but we do not have bikes, which means that we're way slower. I'm going to see what we can do to possibly acquire some. There are also sister missionaries in this ward, which is a bit of a change! But they are hard workers so it's awesome! 
My new companion is Elder H, he is pretty cool, his birthday was yesterday and he turned 20! So I got him a tie (the one he's wearing in the picture). He is black, Korean, Mexican and white, and awesome. Really friendly and a good teacher, and he reminds me a lot of Elder B. It stands to reason, because Elder B did train him. He has only been in this area for one transfer though, so he doesn’t know the area 100%.  We will be figuring this out.  But we are having a good time together, we've been trying to meet a bunch of less active members and get to working with them more! The gospel is true and it’s going to bless some people’s lives a ton!
In our area, we apparently teach a lot of classes.  We had a Book of Mormon one last night and an English one today.  (By the way, I am the only Spanish elder again, though Sister B is fluent in the language.) Apparently, there’s tons of Spanish folks here, so that is good, I can keep improving!  There is actually a once a month Spanish sacrament meeting (other times they just translate), and we are trying to create a branch. There are plenty of Amish folk, horse and buggies on the roads, etc. It’s cool.  
Please pray for me and the missionaries I am with that we will be able to find the people the Lord has prepared for us.  I know that He’s got big things planned for this area if we work our tails off and are diligent in His service.  
Eder Wright

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