Sunday, March 2, 2014

No Regrets

This email might be a mix of news and family stuff! First, I'm getting transferred. You heard from Brother Von Kampen I guess, and from the Pennsylvania Wrights. Yup, and so I’ll be leaving Tuesday morning. 

It is a comfort to say that I am leaving Harrisburg with no regrets. IT is sad, and I've made a lot of close friends here who I will miss dearly, but I know I have put in my full effort and am thankful for that. This last week was a good one. We worked hard, we biked and bussed and walked, and we found people who were really ready to be taught.We’ve been working with A, a less active member, and her two children, A and D, who are Eli and Jace's age. They are very frank about their concerns, which gives us a chance to address them and work them out, and they are making steady progress. They are at church every Sunday, though they never are there for sacrament meeting! They need to get up earlier, dang it! I am very confident they will be baptized once they have found their connection with God. Another investigator family we say was J and his wife P; he came to church once but hasn't come back since. We had a powerhouse lesson and they finally opened up on some of their concerns, namely that they had had a terrible experience at a past church, that resulted in them losing custody of their kids for a full year. I suppose I'd be pretty bitter at institutionalized religion if that happened to me. But once you can see the problem, you can start making progress in working through it, and they made a very strong commitment to pray about how they needed to move forward and change. So I have good hopes for them as well. There are just so many people who I want to tell you about! J got baptized on Saturday, which was a wonderful experience. She was majorly bummed when she found out I was leaving the next day. 

I am a little uncertain about when I’ll be able to write a comic this week, there isn't any time today because I'm packing! I've got to say, it's bittersweet. A lot of good memories here and I will miss the people here with all my heart. I still don’t officially know where I’m going, (and won't until I arrive there).

Elder Wright

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