Monday, January 20, 2014

Strictly because of my poofy hair...

We are just teaching tons of kids these days. It's awesome. For one, yesterday we taught sharing time in primary. We acted out the parable of the Good Samaritan and showed them all how Jesus Christ was the perfect example. It was pretty fun. As we left, this one little Sunbeam named T bolted off her chair, ran over, and just clamped herself to my leg in a big hug. Last night, we had dinner with their family (who are awesome) and the girl announced I was her favorite. Strictly because of my poufy hair. I asked if I would still be her favorite when I got my haircut tomorrow. She said no.
We are teaching a bunch more families besides that. It’s good, because it is teaching me to teach simply and clearly. No dabbling in deep doctrine, just teaching for a kid's level. It's awesome. You can see these kids just loving it. We were explaining the Plan of Salvation to three grandchildren of some a less active lady. N, who's 7, was just super into it. I asked what they thought Adam and Eve did when Satan tempted them to eat the fruit. They thought they didn't eat it. When I told them that they then did eat the fruit, she was just devastated. "No! Why would they do that?'' it was pretty awesome. And the oldest grandchild should be set for baptism in the future. We've already got parental consent. So that's awesome. I'll let you know when M gets dunked.
We also are teaching three siblings named PJ, P, and J. PJ is the oldest and is 12. He’s seen us on the streets a lot and just wanted us to come by to teach. So we stopped by this Saturday. It was tragic. These kids live in severe poverty. They are really scrawny and thin, but tough. We've talked to some neighbors; and the mom has raised them really on survival mode here. They look out for each other, will fight for each other, but they don't have any kind of sense of right and wrong. So they will steal if they have a chance and stuff, it's the way their mom has beaten it into them. But they really touched my heart by being so open and sweet. I think that if we can keep teaching them that they will really experience incredible joy and happiness through the gospel. It's awesome.
And speaking earlier of teaching simply, there's nothing like teaching kids in Spanish, super simply! That's about the level my Spanish is at anyway, so it works out. The kids love us, and so the adults love us because of that, and we love them because we are filled with compassion and charity, which is the pure of Jesus Christ! Yay!
 Also, this old lady on the street yelled at us one day. Told us she was a member, wanted us to come by so she would come back to church. We were like, “ OK." So we stopped by on Friday, only to discover that Sister L (or L?) is totally toothless. She just mumbles and cackles at us and chain-smokes, so we haven't really been able to learn too much about her. Mainly we're just trying hard to understand her, trying not to laugh, and praying for the gift of tongues. Man she cracks me up, it's hilarious. Well, that’s all I have time for, love you bye!
Elder Wright

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