Monday, January 27, 2014

Called to Shovel

So first, we have a gator set for baptism. His name is E, he's 20, and we've been teaching him for a while. He's the De La C's nephew and he lives at their house. He has always had a desire of sorts to be baptized but he just hasn't taken things seriously at all, so he hasn't progressed at all. But he calls us up early last week just needing us to come by. So we biked over Monday night and just talked for like an hour and a half. He is going through a majorly rough time and just feels like no one understands him or even cares. What a glorious feeling it is to be able to testify that God loves all of us! He does care! And we do too. E was really humbled by everything he's been going through and is now seriously committed to learning. He's quitting his UPS job and getting a different one so he can start coming to church and he is getting baptized March 7th. We are stoked. So is he!
It snowed a bunch this week, so we basically went around with our shovels one day and shoveled a bunch of snow for people. It was nice to just do some service and feel good about it. Seriously, if everyone did more service they would just be happier people!
We also went out with a ward member named Brother R on Wednesday. He lives in Harrisburg part time so we haven't really gone with him before, but he was awesome. We visited this part member family that doesn't go to church ever, and he just got bold! We could really feel the Spirit as he basically told them that the church needed them to be there and serve. He told the kids they needed to get the priesthood so they could be blessing and passing the sacrament, and the dad (who isn't even a member) that he could be serving the Lord with a calling! It was awesome.
Final little story. So we were out Saturday night in the sketchy part of our area, and this guy is walking next to us on the sidewalk. He's holding a knife and I can smell alcohol on his breath, but he just comes up and asks if we're the missionaries. We tell him yes, and he asks if we can give him a pamphlet, then thanks us profusely and walks off. Freaky? Yes. But you learn to not judge folks I guess. 

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