Monday, January 6, 2014

"Church guy, I think I love you."


First off, Freezing Rain.
Basically, when temperatures get low enough, the rain begins to freeze as soon as it hits the ground. This is scary. The bishop cancelled church after sacrament meeting, which was a huge bummer because two of our gators, a father and his 8-year-old daughter, showed up. So, of course she thought church was pretty boring because she didn’t get to Primary! But yup, the work of the Lord moves forward anyway. 

We left our apartment pretty quick on Sunday on our bikes to try and beat the rain, but unfortunately after our first lesson we got caught in it. By the time we finished our second lesson with Brother L, it was way bad so we had to walk home. (And slide, because the sidewalks were icy.) Basically you can tell it's icy when you look behind you on the road, which you thought was clear, and there's actually a trail of footprints. That's when you realize you're walking on a layer of ice! By the time we got back, I had icicles coming down my helmet and a big sheet of ice on my coat. Gnarly! But it was a good time. Sacrifice brings forth the blessings of heaven. That's what we tell the people we teach, and it's super true. When we show God we're willing to do as much as we can, that's when we see miracles. And we have seen a lot of miracles this week. We met J who was a referral from a former church member, who also played one of the twins on I Love Lucy. Random. But anyway we stopped by because he was so impressed with us the first time we talked to him that he had us over for dinner. Then we taught his whole family about the Restoration; he has two daughters, S and E, and a 4-year-old son J Jr. We used an object lesson with some nails that I always thought was pretty cool, but this family was just enchanted. It's kind of hard to explain but it's basically a cool physics trick that lets you balance 12 nails on a single one. The kids address us as "Church Guys." After the lesson, we gave J Jr. a pass-along card and he told us, "Church guy, I think I love you." So that was fun. And this family was the father and daughter that came to church Sunday! They are also learning from the Jehovah's Witnesses, and they told the JWs about our nails object lesson. They didn't believe it was possible to do.

Also I wanted to tell you about another new family we're teaching. Y is a less active member we recently met, and she has started coming to church. Then two Sundays ago she brought her grandchildren, M, D, and Nevaeh (heaven spelled backwards). They LOVED Primary. Seriously, if you want to convert a family, just get their kids to Primary classes and they will love it. So anyways then we stopped by Saturday, and now we’re teaching them! I'm super excited. And the dad D gave us the OK, so we're clear on the parental side of things too. It is so exciting! 

Missionary work is the bomb!

Love, Elder Wright

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