Friday, May 8, 2015

This would not be the first referral I'd gotten only to find myself part of a school project (or someone else's April Fools prank).

So this week was really good. Just got my feet on the ground really, figured out everything that's going on. It's a big and confusing city, and the drivers are crazy, but it's a good change of pace from sleepy Fredonia! 
Let me tell you, rather than a story, an observation that I have come to understand a bit on mission. Re: following the Spirit, it really doesn't make sense, or even seem that noticeable. You have to really be listening and willing, and then you just get the slightest inclinations on what to do or what to say. Then as you act (open your mouth) you understand that it is coming from God. For example, we were talking to this random lady on the street, and she was totally not interested. Got this weird feeling to mention FHE, and for a split second I was really doubtful, because how often do you mention FHE to ghetto folk on the street? But I did, I said, "Even if you're not interested, something we try to do in our church is a weekly family home evening. We believe the best way to have a strong family is to set apart a little time once a week to meet together, teach about the gospel, then play a game together and have a treat. Could we come by sometime and help your family set one up?" And she was ecstatic, loved it, and gave us her number to give her a call. Another time, we were struggling to help a Spanish lady overcome her struggles and get to church, and the words of "Glorious," (the theme from Meet the Mormons) came to my head. (In Spanish, too). “It's like a symphony/ You just keep listening/ Then pretty soon you'll start/ To figure out your part” For some reason, that message of inclusion and love just hit her, she started crying and said it was beautiful.
It's just the small things. But it's pretty cool.
Something else cool about this area is just how many media referrals we are receiving. Pittsburgh is pretty dang rad, we are always busy talking and sharing the gospel with new people. For example, we got a referral last week from a girl who just graduated college name M, she requested a Bible. We stopped by, and she and her friend were really interested in our beliefs, so we set up an appointment with her the next day. We decided it was probably best to have a team-up, just given that we would be teaching two college-age girls. A new guy who moved into the ward had expressed interest in helping us out; we picked him up Tuesday after training- for the Steelers. Yeah, the dude is playing for the Steelers next season. He's built like a wall, 7ft tall and full of muscles. Really cool and humble though. Anyways, we had this awesome lesson with these girls. At first we were not 100% sure of their intentions, this would not be the first referral I'd gotten only to find myself part of a school project (or someone else's April Fools prank) but they were really genuine and sincere in their interest. She had really researched a ton, and came to us with questions ranging from "How has Family Home Evening helped you in your life?" to "What qualifies someone for the Celestial Kingdom as opposed to the Terrestrial?" to "So what would happen to my transgender friend who just got married to another woman?" Ha-ha talk about spanning the gambit! But we were able to offer up some answers that really hit home with them, and the Spirit was really strong. Only problem? Since they just graduated, they're going back home to Philadelphia. So no new investigators there! I really hope they contact missionaries there! I'd send them myself if I knew where they were moving! Oh well such is missionary life. 

Elder Wright

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