Thursday, May 14, 2015

Teaching him has been a cinch.

This week for us was really nice; we were able to stay pretty busy. Honestly looking back it was really just a blur. I guess one highlight was this nuts service project we did. The Ps had all the missionaries come over, and we disassembled a deck, cleared two plots of weeds, dug a trench, built a retaining wall, mixed cement, built a small ramp, and mowed a huge lawn. That was cool! I'd never made cement before. It got brutally hot. At least we were fed a ton of pizza afterwards… missionary life! 
Basically the big news is that M is getting baptized! That should be great! The dude is 76, but super full of energy and actually surprisingly healthy considering he had cancer surgery about 2 months ago. He is also a Pittsburgh guru-he knows the streets like the back of his hand, plus everyone everywhere, and he is considerably loaded in cash. (He took us out to lunch at the Capitol Grill, which was a super expensive restaurant). Still trying to figure that out, because he worked as a florist his whole life. But he is awesome. Just a genuinely nice guy, the type of person you'd assume was already Mormon. Teaching him has been a cinch because he pores over and all the links, and so he already understands the subject material beforehand. It's sweet. 
Well, life is good here!
 Elder Wright

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