Tuesday, April 7, 2015

My gut tells me I finish in Fredonia. Which is good.

I loved Conference! We watched it with members or investigators, and it was very powerful. I loved Elder Anderson's talk as well, he came to our mission 6 months ago, if you'll recall. And the Thailand temple announcement had me jumping up and down. How exciting!
The news here: I got the organ. It's sweet. I cleaned it up and it plays really well. It's old! Like from the 60's! Best thing ever!
Something cool this week was the fact that I found a bike shop! It's the brainchild of a retired Fredonia professor, it's a volunteer operation to supply bikes to the community at need, and though it's a little slow what with the never-ending winter, there should be stuff for us to do once it warms up. In fact, the guy in charge wants to hook us up with bikes to help us do missionary work! That is going to be critical for the Dunkirk/Fredonia area, we'll be able to get where we need to be and talk to a lot more people. I am stoked!
My gut tells me I finish in Fredonia. Which is good. There's a family here that I feel like they are the reason I am here, to help them to accept the gospel. And that will probably be the end of my mission. I am glad to do it though; there is a lot of good happening in this place right now.
Elder Wright

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