Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Honestly, the awesome thing about the mission is ...

I was atrociously sick last night. Let me tell you about it. When I found out I was getting transferred, I asked if I could bear my testimony in the #fredoniatwig before I went. Afterwards, a lot of members were asking if they could feed us, so we ended up having two meals yesterday, which just kind of churned in my stomach that evening as I was packing. So I was having a bad time and praying to Heavenly Father for a little relief, and I get a feeling I need to ask for a blessing. And I immediately discount it, that's dumb, but then I was like, that was the answer to your prayer, you idiot! So I woke up Elder A  and he gave me a blessing. And as soon as he began to speak, I felt a swelling in my chest. As soon as the blessing ended, I ran to the bathroom and threw up violently. It took a long time, finally got it out of my system. No, I won't send pictures.  It reminded me of an event in the life of the Prophet Joseph Smith, when an enemy slipped him poison. Upon discovering his danger, he asked his brother Hyrum for a blessing. Following the laying on of hands, he vomited the poison out with such force it dislocated his jaw. I felt a similar parallel to my own situation.  Ah, mission adventures!

Other things- not really sure what to make of this whole situation. So there is this really old guy who lives in Brocton named C. He's a member, the nicest and most Christlike guy you'll meet. He suffered a terrible stroke about a year ago, and he essentially had to start over. He forgot a lot, and is really frail. As soon as we set him up with a ride, he has started coming to church regularly, and even though he's active, we visit him because he's lonely, and the beginnings of dementia are starting to creep in. So it's a little sad. Anyways, T (his ride) calls us Sunday and says he's knocking and knocking on C's door, no answer. And there's a bad smell coming from the house. He called the paramedics, and the door got forced open, and it turned out that there'd been a huge gas leak- he'd have died if he'd been there. But he wasn't! As our knowledge the day developed, it turns out the Jehovah's Witnesses had showed up at the door in a big white van early that morning and took C to their church, which actually saved his life. So that was good.  Anyways, I am glad that he is ok. Still got to figure out that situation, though I suppose it is now Elder A’s  job. Last night, probably as a result of my stomach conditions I had a really freaked dream. We were teaching C about the true church when the door literally exploded open in a gale-force blast, and two Jehovah's Witness sister missionaries charged in and began bashing with us. It was weird. Woke up in an icy sweat.

So I wanted to share a really cool experience that strengthened my testimony of tithing. We were meeting with Sister B, a member of the church who is being reactivated. We had been encouraging her and encouraging her to meet with the bishop about getting a temple recommend, but she kept putting things off. Finally, we got her to share her concern, and it turns out she hasn't been living the law of tithing and feels guilty about it. We taught about the promise of the Lord to those who pay an honest tithe, and she committed to live it. She was very worried because she is very low income and has been using all of her extra funds to save up for a car, but she committed to start. The very next day, she received a letter, out of the blue, that her rent was being lowered. Because of her commitment, she now has the money to pay tithing! It was a really cool miracle. Honestly, the awesome thing about the mission is that it strengthens my testimony of every single principle of the gospel. I am serious, I could probably tell you an experience about every single aspect of the gospel. It is legit! I love it!
Elder Wright

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