Sunday, January 4, 2015

"That's like Yoda!"

Well, let me tell you something I learned this week. Basically, a testimony of the truth is much more powerful than a lie. That may sound trite. Let me explain. We stopped by to try this less active family that hadn't been coming out to church. Sister R was really nice, you could tell she had a testimony of the church. Then Brother R opened his mouth and a freaking torrent rushed out. He told us how he thought he had tricked himself into his testimony to get baptized; that the church just didn't make sense, the whole reason people believe in God is because they are afraid there is nothing there. He unleashes this big long thing, and it really seemed like he was still just trying to convince himself of his own words. Then I just stopped him, and bore my testimony of the reality of the Book of Mormon, that there was a living God who did and does answer the prayers of His children. He just kind of gaped at me. Then started spinning this whole long convoluted argument again, which I let him do for a bit, then just kind of raised my hand, bore testimony, and confounded him again. This happened like two more times. I felt like Alma taking on Korihor or something. It really just made me sad though, because I could tell he was a good guy, that he was really just kind of fighting his own testimony. He had even served in the Fredonia branch presidency and then gone inactive. I really hope he can regain his testimony. But he has built up so many of his own walls that it will be very hard for him. To conclude, his wife was really grateful we stopped by. She came back to church this Sunday, which was really good. She also gave us tons of cheesy potatoes and ham. We are drowning in leftovers ham, everyone gives it to us. I would estimate we still have about 6 pounds to eat.

The exciting thing I got to do yesterday was play piano for primary; they grabbed me right before Priesthood and basically told me they needed someone. So that was a lot of sight-reading and improvisation, thank goodness I paid attention in Primary so I knew the songs. The Sharing time was on the Second Coming, and man, do I love Primary answers. They were talking about the 1000 years and one kid yells out "That's like Yoda!" Another good mention was when we learned Jesus would descend in a red robe. One child was convinced that Jesus was Santa, as the similarities were just too much. Oh, good times. 
Elder Wright

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