Friday, January 23, 2015

Just a little icicle on the tip of the mission.

Well, let me tell you about a couple of things...
Episcopal drama
The bacon dropped into the fire for our investigator R this week. As I might have told you, she's dating a member of the church, J, which led to her investigating the gospel. She is heavily involved the Episcopal Church as well, she does secretarial stuff as well as altar duties. Well when her parents found out she was engaged to a Mormon, they flipped out and threatened to disown her. Things didn't necessarily improve when she said she was getting baptized. So she was really distraught about that. But this crisis is what pushed her to the point of calling to her Heavenly Father for help. And He gave her the testimony that she needed to be sure that this was the right decision. She talked to her pastor, who was kind of too shocked to protest, and then met with Bishop F. He sealed the deal. He was a former Episcopalian himself, and friends and family rejected him as well when he converted. So he was able to lend a lot of needed support. So the baptism will be the 31st at 1pm! Yay! 
The ranks of the Fredonia twig were thinned this week by a virulent flu that's been sweeping the area recently. That being said, we had 37 people there this week! That was really cool to see, because we actually had some new faces as well  -  other less active members who came out. And the spirit of friendship and fellowship has been great! Afterwards, we all had cookies and hot chocolate together! I'll be speaking next week about the Malden Twig experience and what we can do to learn from that. Really great things are happening here. We are also getting fed a lot more now which is nice!

We are really cut off ha-ha, just a little icicle on the tip of the mission. 
Elder Wright

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