Friday, October 31, 2014

The last time he set foot in a church, it burned down.

I have definitely come to admire President Johnson's inspiration at sending me to this area. I was at the point in my mission where the forward momentum of youth was tapering out and the pressure of an imminent homecoming hasn't yet set in. Going here has pushed me in many different ways and has forced me to continue to learn, develop, and not get complacent-something I have noticed happens to some missionaries in my point of the 2-year cycle. It says a lot, I guess, about his trust of me and also him knowing what I needed to keep me sharp, focused, and hardworking. And I am seeing it pay off. A lot of progression, a lot of strong friendships with the Branch members, and just a really good challenge. I have this feeling I’m not going to stay in Dover too long (shorter than my last two areas, I mean) so I really want to give everything and work really hard here.
Elder L told me on his last exchange with Elder D, a past Zone Leader, that he was challenged, “ Be the member missionary you wish you had on your mission." It made me think a lot of how I'd want to be as a member again.  Take a look at Elder Bednar's last talk in GC, he said something about the most sure sign of a member's conversion to the gospel was that they would have a desire to share it. Interesting thought.
Our families are doing way good. Z and A passed their baptismal interview! Big milestone! They are way excited, not using tobacco; A  is attending the Addiction Recovery Program, which is a big help, and Z has started a savings account with the money he isn’t spending on chew. The first time he's ever had savings in his life!
C is way good! She came to church, felt the Spirit there. She still just has so much confusion about churches because she has heard so many things, but she knows that she feels the Spirit when we speak. She accepted the W of W the other day, no problem. She'd already done and quit everything on it, except for iced tea. So that is what she has to do! What was interesting was her brother R came to church too, and he was deathly afraid to. The last time he set foot in a church, it burned down. So he had a bad taste about it... but he came!
 Love, Elder Wright
PS Fall leaves are pretty awesome

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