Tuesday, October 7, 2014

So now our apartment looks straight-up swanky.

Thanks so much for the birthday wishes! I definitely felt remembered-I have received the shoes, the comic book, and the box-as of yet unopened. Plus an assortment of cards and gifts from friends and family. I will send thank you cards-do not worry!
That is very sad that C passed away. She was a nice old lady and I know that she had a hard life. She will be missed by me, and many others I am sure. The consolation is that in the Spirit world, those handicaps will be done away. And she will be resurrected in a perfected body free of physical or mental obstructions and she can have a fuller and richer peace and joy. That’s a helpful perspective to have in times like these.
General Conference was very interesting. I enjoyed it so much. A couple of themes I picked up, one of them was sustaining the prophet. Another was that the members of the Church need a personal conversion-relying on the functions and organizations of the Church is not enough or even the way it should be. Christian charity and love needs to be evidenced in everyday action. I felt that Saturday was almost a little rebuking-a cry to repentance for a lot of members who allow little things to lead them astray. I really liked Elder Christofferson's talk on the role of agency-that will become a classic- and also the 70's talk about the 6 things we can do. The one that stood out most to me was President Uchtdorf's talk in priesthood-"Lord, is it I?" ( watch it for yourself because it's LEGIT). It was a great experience.
On a somewhat funny note, we watched Sunday Afternoon with some old folks in the branch-kind of “dooms-dayers"-who seriously thought that the Independence MO move would be announced, and that we would settle in camps like the olden day pioneers. Wasn't quite sure to make of that.
 The week this week was a good one. Weird, but good. We just had reminders that God puts in the right place at the right time. We asked Branch President H. and his family for some referrals, and they gave us several. We immediately went to contact them, and while most were not interested, we stopped by a neighbor named S. She was interested and invited us back. When we taught her this week, she told us that she had been having a crisis that other evening and had sunk to her knees, overwhelmed, pleading for help. Less than two hours, we came by- and she did not see that as coincidence. We didn't either. Our stake has been praying and fasting for those who have been prepared to be found-or for them to find us. And this was a good example of that happening. Very cool thing.
A and Z were able to watch conference this weekend too! That was great! They enjoyed it and have a lot of great questions. After the Saturday morning session Z said that learning about choices had made him realize tobacco was such a bad and stupid choice for him. SO now he has a lot more desire to quit, which he didn't have as much before.
SO that's a couple of cool things. Pictures of stuff to follow.
The birthday boy

P.S. Here's a cool story (that you may not believe.) So when we got to the apartment in Dover, it was a (lightly stated) pigsty. Empty soda bottles everywhere, food left out, dishes in the sink, and it just smelled bad. So we embarked in an epic cleaning project, and the Lord blessed us for it! Namely, we got donated two sofas and two bookshelves, which is exactly what we needed! So now our apartment looks straight-up swanky. Just a thing for you to remember-I thought it was a stupid myth that you couldn't feel the spirit as well in a dirty room, until here. Now I know it's actually true!
Elder Wright

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