Tuesday, September 2, 2014

So every time I wear them it makes my socks sticky.

So you'll be excited to know that Elder G and myself took the ice bucket challenge. I have the video on my camera but no idea how to get it to you; do you have a drop box account? That'd probably be the easiest! I'm very impressed with you though. Funny thing is, it seems to be really big right now but the ghetto has been doing it since June at least. So it's weird that it's only quite recently become a phenomenon.
Regarding the rule about the missionaries; if that were the case for us we’d never get fed either because everyone in our area is less active. We are only allowed to be fed once a month by any given family though, so it probably balances out. 
My shirts are doing ok, one has accumulated some really weird stains but I don’t wear that one anymore. I also have had some good fortune to have acquired two really nice white shirts recently, one from Dagmarette and the other from our neighbor.   But I'm doing fine. Do you know what my warranty is on the shoes? The nice looking ones, with the gel soles, melted. So every time I wear them it makes my socks sticky. So if you could check into that that might be good. I think I got them from CTR Clothing but I can't be sure.
1. C family is awesome as usual; their referrals have all really just had great starts but not enough willpower to progress. We're working with them still but it's been tough going. That family really is so cool. They saw we weren't getting fed on Saturday so they signed up, and that's his birthday so we felt bad. He told us, "There is no one I’d rather have there than you guys." They are recent converts of 5 years, can't remember if I told you this, they got tracted into in some low-income housing and invited the missionaries in, got baptized 4 weeks later and completely changed their lives. Way cool. 
2. J is on track. He was at church last Sunday, and things are finally getting better. The mom has been giving us  a lot of trouble because she really doesn’t like this bishop and has some history with the ward as well. She was adamant last week that she would not be going back to church here. We plead, reasoned, and testified with her, but what helped out the most was her sister (also an excommunicated member) coming up and telling her that she had been exactly in those shoes and that she had to humble herself and talk to the bishop for things to move forward for her family, and that he was called of God and would care and help out. That was a really big thing coming from her because she had been so stubborn when we first met her. Such a great change. We're planning for J's baptism on the 13th if things go as they are now.
3. L is going to be blessing the sacrament next week! And he wants to get to the temple. We're going to be talking to him about that next time.
Elder Wright

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