Monday, September 8, 2014

They passed through trial and temptation of unimaginable proportions...

So here's the news this week.
4 cool things. 
1. We got creative and bold with K. She’s been investigating the church for 3 years now and still has no firm faith in Christ. She sees the goodness of the church without gaining the testimony, sort of a forest and trees situation here. And no one can get an answer about the BoM without a faith in Christ as well. So we had a lesson at the P home and we had asked the P family to invite her to baptism on the 27th. It was a spiritual lesson, and they popped the question, and K basically freaked out. She turned bright red and started crying. It was basically a high speed collision of the Spirit with every doubt, fear, and insecurity that she has (and she has many). She did commit to pray about it and at the very least it has really forced her to confront the real need for her to get an answer. That was cool.
2. The M’s! Getting closer and closer! Sister M had a dream this week in which her dead grandmother appeared to her and told her she was going to get baptized. I don’t know how you can still hold out with that kind of ancestral pressure. She wants to get baptized in November. Which is great! I just want that to be sooner... 
3. J! i don't think I've mentioned her before, maybe I have, but she is a less active member that we found through straight up divine guidance. We received a referral to see this random street guy's mom, and  J was living there and happened to roll up (she's in a wheelchair FYI) right as we were about to leave. She was at her rock bottom, and we were there for her right when she needed us. The ward has really come together for her; she came to church this week and just really loved it.
4. C  and E! Best for last! They passed through trial and temptation of unimaginable proportions to come to church yesterday! Seriously! They got a notice of eviction (long story) plus some random friends stopped by and just began hating on the Mormon Church. All on Saturday night! Seriously, the adversary isn't even subtle sometimes! But they came, and they enjoyed it. Even more crazy, it turns out they are related (cousins) with the M’s! So it's a big happy family! Then even better, Brother R comes up and invites us all over for an early dinner after church with his family! So they got super fellowshipped, the R’s helped so much, plus a lot of great food! 
Sunday was just crazy in general. Got to church, played the piano for Spanish sacrament, substitute taught Gospel Principles about the Lord's Covenant People, then had a meeting with the Stake Spanish People Representative (might not be his actual title) then back to Elders Quorum to shore up a completely disjointed and crumbling lesson. (Freakin' elder’s quorum, seriously.) But it ended up being awesome and wonderful and a day full of blessings! Just like every day!
There's a part in PMG where President Hinckley talks about his mission, and basically throws down on prideful missionaries and tells you to be more humble. I've realized that God trusts us when he sees our character and our actions. If the missionaries are slackers, the Lord isn't going to trust us with His elect. I've been trying to make sure I’m not that kind of missionary. It's always a struggle, but I know that I'm working as hard as I can so that's some comfort to me. 
Elder Wright
PS We completed repairs on two junk bikes, so now we’re back on wheels! A very cool and satisfying experience. We named them Danny Boy and The All-American Moses. They are pretty legit.

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