Sunday, August 31, 2014

So pray for a miracle here.

I do not have oodles of time today, I apologize, and I will explain.
So the first thing is that M was not baptized on Saturday. Brother G never returned, and so it was postponed. It was pretty frustrating. She was at church on Sunday though, which was a very good thing. And she really wants to be baptized! But we finally have a timetable on when he is back, and it's not till the 5th! And she leaves on vacation on the 4th for two weeks! This is very very VERY frustrating. You’d think that this would be a relatively easy request to have happen, but surprisingly it's not. And I am just worried that this will give the devil time to work against the testimony she has gained. So pray for a miracle here. We could definitely use one.
Other news, well, we went to the Washington D.C. temple this Saturday. We went down with the C family, a really awesome family from the ward, and we got to go through an endowment session. It was such a spiritual experience. It's been a long while since I went to the temple and I definitely needed it. I was able to clear my head a lot and it has helped this week especially given the craziness going on with M. So that was cool.
We found a really awesome family 2 weeks ago. We talked to the wife just off a feeling and then she invited us over for a lesson with the family. She's E, he's C, and they have just gotten into church or religion at all very recently. He was actually involved in some very heavy stuff back in New York, he has all sorts of Satanic tattoos from his old life. But now he's really changed for the better and they are both very prepared for our message. They have been reading the Book of Mormon and we have really seen a lot of excitement in their lives. We invited them to be baptized yesterday on October 4th and they accepted, and we are going over today to finish talking about the Plan of Salvation. The big thing is they need to get married; we are going to be talking to them about that today as well. 
So things are a constant challenge. Missions aren't easy, that's for sure. But I've definitely come to understand more about trials and why they're placed in our lives and how to receive the strength to endure them rather than praying for them to immediately vanish. Elder Bednar talks a lot about that and that's been able to give me a lot of knowledge and guidance. 
So that's the good stuff! The church is true! Don't let anyone tell you it isn't!
Elder Wright

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