Monday, April 14, 2014

We Need to be Disciples of Christ in Word and Deed.

So, some cool things that happened this week…Well, I went on this cool exchange with the Zone leaders, Elder D came here and I went to Elizabeth town with Elder T.  It was cool, we had an unexpected blast of summer, and we were just out talking with literally everyone we saw.  That was fun, got into some interesting discussions and handed out a bunch of Book of Mormons, and confounded this one old dude who started railing on us on everything from the hypocrisy of serving missions to the Mountain Meadow Massacre.  Man, that was bugging me. 

What stuck out to me most from that day was this dinner we had with a part member family.  Going into it, Elder T told me that Brother B was the member and Sister B wasn’t, but I would never have guessed it.  He was sullen and monosyllabic, while she was energetic, friendly and so excited to be a “mom” on the Trek this summer.  She even wanted to know who our investigators were so she could pray for them. (we wanted to say, “Well, we ought to add your name to the list.”  but we didn’t.) Wow, cool, right?  I guess I bring this up because even though Bro B was the member, the light of Christ didn't radiate from him at all.  It’s not enough to just be members, we need to be disciples of Christ in word and deed.  That’s my spiritual thought here.  

Also exciting was seeing Grandma F, this really nice but lonely old lady.  She’s less active, but starting to come back to church.  Anyways, one of the points I brought up in our lesson was how important the theme of remembrance is.  It’s the big reason for everything we do in the church, remembering Jesus Christ and his sacrifice for us.  That’s why it’s in the Sacramental blessing twice.  At the end of the lesson, Grandma L prayed and a phrase that caught our ears was “Thank you for the Plan of Salvation.” We remarked on that unique phrase and she began to weep, telling us her husband who passed away a few years ago would always say that in his prayers.  Her saying that was her way of remembering him and the great knowledge he had, that being that families can be together forever.  I thought that was pretty cool.  

In other news, we are clutched in the last icy grip of winter and hoping for Spring.  Elder H is sick and I am hoping I don't get it.  He coughs up a lung and a half each morning.   And, we almost got a mennonite investigator, but he refused to open the door for our return appointment. But, such is life.

Love you all, 
Elder Wright

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