Monday, April 28, 2014

I have never felt better to be a missionary...

Life is exciting. Something weird this week was there was this big comic-con type thing, so the city was packed by people cosplaying as animals or people-animals or anime characters or whatever. I have never felt better to be a missionary... That was interesting. 

The fun thing we did this week was Elder H and I performed in Sacrament meeting! We did “A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief," and he sang (he has a way deep bass, he puts Ochi to shame) and I played piano. Started in major key, then went into a minor (switched it up, it was awesome) then went back into a major for the final verse. We were planning on only doing 4 verses but Bishop approached us before the meeting and asked us to sing them all because the speakers were going to be way short. So we did. It was awesome. We sounded legit, if I may say so myself, and we received a lot of compliments from the ward. The thing that maybe was the best was Sister S came up afterwards and thanked me for doing all 7 verses. She isn’t a member, her husband’s the EQP and she attends every Sunday (she's the cub scout leader herself) but she doesn't want to join. But she was really touched and said she felt the special spirit of all 7 verses. We should make an album…

Taught a dude yesterday named P, he's Nepali (surprising amount of them here) and has such crippling back pain that he's essentially disabled. It's really tough for him. And the language barrier isn't awful but still makes it tough to teach. We finally just started showing Bible videos and he was captivated. He said that as he watched Jesus he was finally free from the pain, he literally STOPPED feeling it. Just a small miracle but proof that God helps you out. I’m not sure how well we’ll be able to teach him, but basically we'll be using videos the whole time from now on!

 Well, the church is true. Never forget it. Just forgive people, you feel better. Trust me, I’m a missionary!

Elder Wright

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