Tuesday, April 22, 2014

“They’re going off-script?”

It’s been an awesome week! Tiring though.  

The news, transfers happened.  Nothing changed, just Elder S left from Ephrata and was replaced by Elder Wright.  He’s a cool guy, funny, friendly, and he’ll be a big help for Elder P.  He pulled up familysearch.org, but it doesn't appear we’re related anywhere down the line.  Too bad.

In exciting things here, we picked up a new investigator, named M.  He let us in and was super enthusiastic for what we had to say, and we taught the whole Gospel of Christ, most of the Plan of Salvation, and part of the Restoration.  Elder H challenged him to baptism in that lesson on May 10th and he accepted!   We were bummed he wasn’t at church Sunday, he called us the night before to tell us a work conflict had come up.  But, we’re excited to keep meeting with him.  He seems golden.  He has a wife with twins on the way, he lived a pretty rough life in the Bronx, but is now sincerely trying to turn things around for the better.  He’s got tats all down one arm, and a big scar on his face from where he was knifed one time. So yeah, a little rough.

The other thing I am excited to report is we got in with Brother M.  His whole family is baptized, he’s interested to find out, and he does come to church when he can.  Just the last few weeks, he was crazy busy so we couldn't get in to see him.  But we taught the whole Restoration to him and tried to go in depth.  He was taught by missionaries a long time before, and you could tell it kind of threw him off that we didn't have a rote, memorized discussion anymore!  We’d ask him questions and he’d look at us for a second like, “They’re going off-script?”  But it was good.  My thoughts with him are that he will commit if he receives his answer.  And he knows that if he sincerely prays, he WILL get his answer.  So there might be fear to be able to commit completely.  But, we can work with that.

The other cool thing our mission was pushing this week was a video called #Because of Him.  The church released it last Sunday and we’re encouraging people to share it as much as possible.  Also, we’ve been using it in lessons.  Check it out, it’s on Mormon.org.  It’s pretty legit.  

Anyways, that’s about all for now.  Stay cool!

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