Tuesday, October 15, 2013

You can't be a man until you've served in "Harrisburg Walk".

So it was my birthday on Tuesday. That was pretty cool. I wanted to thank the many many many people who sent me cards or packages. We have enough assorted snacks to feed us a month and sugar us into a coma. And all the cards meant a lot too. My companions and the ZL's bought me a nice tie and also the “Challenge Accepted” shirt you saw in the pic. They're really awesome. So anyways as a "birthday present'' Elder L had me lead for the day. Also, we had exchanges that day with the Zone leaders, so I was with Elder B and Elder B. Let's just say it was really hard and stressful. We had plans that fell through and back up plans and I definitely messed some things up. Specifically, directions. But I didn't fail, we taught some really great lessons, and it was pretttty cool.  So that's my birthday! I'm 19 now! And a true man, we've decided, because you can't be a man until you've served in "Harrisburg Walk".
As you saw in the pic, I got a bed! Yay! So for a while, I was just sleeping on an air mattress. That wasn't too bad but sometimes my companions would steal it while I was in the bathroom and I'd have to find it. So we were waiting for Pittsburgh to get one in for me. So then this family we teach- a less active and an investigator husband- randomly asked us if we needed a bed after our lesson. So we were like," SWEET! " So we called up our Zone Leaders, they took the truck out and grabbed my bed, brought it to the apartment. Only problem? It was huge. Like, probably a queen, box spring and mattress. So my sheets didn't fit and it didn't fit. Then, like the next day, we got the call that my bed had showed up. The ZL's had some business down in the area (they had to make reports and stuff) so they drove and picked it up. We built it and it fit, but now we have a giant extra bed in our living room that we don't know what to do with. And Elder B, after serving for 6 months here, finally got his visa to Brazil! He got the call on my birthday! He's leaving us the 22nd, which is wonderful! (And sad.) The only thing is, after he's gone we will have TWO extra beds. Oh well.
 It's been a bit discouraging this week. We've had to push N's baptism again because he's struggling with the Word of Wisdom. I think it could be a good thing though. I think he's been humbled by the difficulty of this addiction, and he fasted the other day to help break the smoking habit. What's tougher is K's date. His dad E is really trying to thwart us, he wouldn't let the Zone Leaders in to interview him and then he kind of cold-shouldered us last night when we went by. So we need to get all that sorted out. 
But K is on for Saturday! He is a golden investigator; he's such a BOSS! There'll be pictures!
Love you a ton,
Elder Wright

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