Monday, October 28, 2013

A Friend, A Calling, and Spiritual Nourishment

Sorry about last email session, I was pretty bummed out. I'm more cheerful today…And in general. The mission is really tough because Satan's going after us every step of the way, but I've got to be more positive and keep my head up even when it's difficult. 
So basically this week was also pretty tough. I led all week, which was majorly stressful, but definitely a learning experience. We had a lot of dropped appointments but the lessons we taught were pretty powerful. Nothing's more discouraging, though, than teaching some great lessons and then watching people not show up to church. 
So here's the lowdown: Last week, K got baptized! That was super cool, he's still doing awesome. He's just really busy because of his work schedule. K also got baptized! That was great, the Spirit was there, and things were awesome. But no one in the family was in church last Sunday. We tried all week, no communication. But on Saturday we were finally able to see them! We were pretty nervous; we weren't sure what the family reception was going to be like. But he high-fives us and the first thing he says is, "So when am I getting the gift of the Holy Ghost?" Last Sunday, E really put his foot down and wouldn't let anyone go to the church. He's really "anti" right now. So that's what we talked to L about and she said she was really going to try to get out there. She's also fine with us to keep meeting with the family. They weren't in church yesterday- disappointing. But we just need to be patient and trust the Lord. I know that He'll provide a way for this all to work out. We just need to trust a little more that it'll happen.
There are so many less actives on the rosters, and it is really hard tracking down if they've moved or not. Man, it's rough! Gordon B. Hinckley says: Every new convert needs a friend, a calling, and spiritual nourishment, and that's so true. They need to be fellowshipped so much!
Yep, I got Nathaniel's letter. Cracked me up! He is such a stud; I knew he'd do great out there. I'm really impressed that there are baptisms going on!
I know trunk or treat is on Tuesday for us. We are not going, I think. That's too bad. I think I'll put out that little pumpkin that I got sent for my birthday. It's not carved but I drew a face on it. And I'm actually not sure about trunk or treat, I think it's allowed but the people wouldn't be in our area anyway so the drive elders probably will. I'll let you know if we do though! On Halloween though, we've got to be in our apartments by 6! And we can't leave. So that day's shot for proselyting. But don't worry; in order to celebrate the spirit of Halloween we're "weekly planning" that night. Should be FUN. Fun like a shot in the mouth.
Man, it is getting cold here! The days are getting darker and it is certainly chilly out. I've been doubling up on socks and I might buy some other gloves today if I can find cheap ones. It was especially rough this week because we weren't having any success with our appointments, so we were biking around all day in the cold, and biking a LOT. (Though that could have been my poor planning skills.) A quick thought about boots. That elder who said they weren't necessary was almost certainly a DRIVE elder. They have nice and cushy cars, like Ford focus's or Legacy's or whatnot. Our zone leaders have a big truck. But we're biking and walking, so I will most certainly need boots. 

Elder Wright

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