Tuesday, October 1, 2013

September 30, 2013 letter

Hey family!
Man that is great that you won a pie! Blessings through service right there! Trust me, I can now say from experience that there are few feelings worse than seeing the meal calendar passed back almost empty. There are a couple families who feed us every week, but I think a lot of people really don't see how much we depend on members to do missionary work. So help the missionaries however you can! I think it's so great that you're doing so much for them already. Trust me, they're grateful. Reach chapter 13 in PMG, it's pretty clearly laid out by President Hinckley. Pretty rebuking! 
So our district taught a ton of lessons this past week. That is really really good. It's the best in the district history and it's because everyone is really stepping it up big time. I know that we've been squeezing out every hour of productivity that we can from our day!  
N is such a solid investigator! I just wish he'd be able to get to church but part of that is that he doesn't have a car and depends on L for a ride. But he's quit all his addictive behaviors, he's fine with all the commandments (though surprisingly  monthly fasting is the hardest for him) and he is so eager to get baptized. To prepare him for baptism, we asked him the baptismal interview questions. One was, Why do you believe the Book of Mormon is true? or something like that. He just shoots back, "I don't believe it's true. I know it is, with every part of my being." Goes on to bear incredible testimony. It was great. Also, he refers to Christ and his disciples as JC and the Boys. It's pretty hilarious.
Ok fine a quick story.
So K is N's nephew, he's the son of L(a less active) who's living with E (a kind of investigator.) Clear? Anyways, he's getting baptized on the 12th, and there are still some of the big commandments we needed to teach him. So, Friday we taught Word of Wisdom. E kept coming in and trying to bash us with the New Testament, but I shut him down by explaining how his scripture actually supported our statement instead of his. So he left, which was good. AND we taught Law of Chastity to him, a 10 year old kid, with his mom (who's not living it) in the room. Aca-awkward, right? But he totally felt the spirit like a boss, and straight up asked his mom why she wasn't living it? She sputtered out some excuse about not knowing about it, and he was like, "Well, you know about it now!" He's so cool! I love him! 
Picked up three new investigators this week! I'll briefly talk about them. First was D. We'd taught him once but then he went off the grid. Randomly saw him on the street, wearing a dress. He said it was a joke but didn't elaborate any further. But anyways. He is interested in every academic way, which is nice because he will listen and try to understand, but frustrating because it's hard to pinpoint where his real desire comes from. He felt like it was a sign from God, though, that he asked to come to church on the week where Gen Conference was scheduled and we could hear the prophet’s words. So that was cool. Also, H, an ex-con who wants to change his life. Really enthusiastic to learn about Christ and took a Book of Mormon first time we talked to him. So that was great. We're meeting with him twice a week. Finally M, who's N's cousin. It's miraculous to see how that family is being influenced by the Gospel and is strengthening each other. So many small miracles throughout the week! 
I wish I had more time! But also I popped my tube on my bike, and then the brakes stopped working on the back and the seat fell off. So there are some repairs that need doing. But the work is good! 
Love you, Elder Wright

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