Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Wednesday, August 21, 2013 letter

Honestly, the CCM is nice and I'm glad there's a high wall between us and the city streets, but after a while the barbed wire and constant routine make it feel a bit like a jail! But we had the incredible blessing of being able to go to the Mexico City temple this morning! We left on the buses at 6:45 (nice flashback to my seminary days) and drove out into the city. Mexico City traffic is INSANE. As one of the mission leaders put it, they are both offensive and offensive drivers. Seriously, people speed, merge, and make wide turns at every possible opportunity. It's kind of frightening! And the early morning city is interesting to see, I took a couple pictures that'll hopefully show you what I mean. Traffic was bad, so it took maybe two hours to get to there. That wouldn't have been too bad if the most annoying missionary I've ever met hadn't been sitting right in front of me. He would just chime in at every possible opportunity, challenge innocuous statements, and basically insulted the language skills of everyone else on the bus. It was early in the morning so I was a bit sour, so I shut him down pretty hard after I couldn't take it anymore. He read an Ensign for the rest of the ride. (Might not want to put that in the blog, but it's up to you here.)
The Mexico City temple is beautiful and magnificent, it has geometric patterns covering much of it and the design is reminiscent of the Aztec architecture, at least in my opinion. Following the temple session in Spanish was incredibly difficult, but I could feel the Spirit so powerfully throughout. And afterwards, bought some sweet scripture cases for my Spanish scriptures at the Tienda Zarahemla next to the temple. 

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