Friday, August 23, 2013

More news from this week (August 21)

Devotional on Sunday was a recorded broadcast by Elder Bednar. He spoke on the importance of listening to the doctrine of the living prophets. He especially meant General Conference, and he was not mincing words! Takeaway quote: " If you don't know what the living prophets are saying, it's the same as not believing." Wow! Definitely going to be paying more attention in General Conference from now on. Our Area 70, President Johnson, was in town yesterday for a devotional as well. He talked about the difference between teaching and really converting, or ingraining, the gospel. He also warned us not to get too caught up in the numbers game of baptism. His words: "Your purpose is not just to baptize them, it is to save their souls." That was powerful! He was a good speaker.
So I am loving the Mexican LDS members here! Most of the workers in the compound are Mormon, and the're all really friendly. The best part is that Mexican parents name their children after prophets and leaders from the Book of Mormon! So far, I've met a Limhi, a Mosiah, and a Melchezidek! It's awesome!
Last story for a bit:
So we had a home teaching like thing with another district, where we had 10 minutes to meet with another missionary, then prepare a lesson that would help invite them to Christ. I didn't have time to prepare anything that great because we were teaching our investigator right before. So I said a fervent, hurried prayer as we wlked over, and decided on two scriptures that I could teach after my lesson: Enos 1:23 and Mosiah 3:14. After my lesson, which was pretty legit even so, I had decided to share my Enos scripture. I oopened to it, then recieved a powerful thought to NOT READ THAT ONE. So I read Mosiah, which is the scripture about putting off the natural man. The other elder told me that that scripture had been that one that changed his life and made him go on a mission. Very powerful feeling of the spirit.!
Elder Wright

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