Thursday, August 29, 2013

August 29 letter

Well, Elder J is accident prone. We were playing a game of district ultimate near the cage basketball courts, and there are these big metal support poles. He went up for a a high pass, his shin nailed a support pole, and he got table-topped. He ate it, hard. Honestly, I think we spend more time in the clinica than anyone besides the missionaries who got parasites. (Which truly sucks for them, but we have been warned like a bajillion times not to drink the water without filters.) But Elder J is okay. Honestly, he has incredible luck, because the leg isn't even bruised that bad. But Ultimate is awesome, we're playing it a lot during gym time. The district is getting much better, though my disc has taken some serious knocks. Lots of dents in it now, and it's been on the roof probably 15 times. And not always the same roof either. 

Got sick on the 23rd and threw up. It was the spaghetti for dinner, I'm almost positive. Elder J warned me about it and I should have listened, but it just about wrecked me. Luckily it passed quickly and I was up and running full steam by the 24th. Our district has gotten pounded by illness though. Mama B might have bronchitis, and everyone else has suffered varying degrees of something or other. Except Elder J. He's apparently immune to sickness.

The food is crazy! One lunch we thought we had steak, but it was actually cow esophagus. Best meal we've had so far though. Plus curly fries (!!!??) so we're assuming President P had guests visiting that day and wanted to impress them or something. Monday night was a new low for food, I just had several bowls of cereal and a few bananas. (A brief aside- Elder R wasn't feeling good at all earlier this week, and someone told him bananas make you feel better. So he ate ten in one sitting. I wish I'd gotten a picture. He felt a ton better so who's to argue I guess?) But anyways, Monday night was chicken,. Usually not a problem, we have chicken a lot. But this night, on closer inspection, mine was covered in long curly chicken hairs. YEUUURG. Honestly looked like  human thigh. I would have gone to my other piece, but it still had feathers! Like full-on pinions! What! Is! Up! With! That!
Elder M ate the hairy pieces. Apparently it didn't bother him much. Then again, he's going to Chile so he should probably get used to unusual food.

Elder J is going to Lubeq Texas. Not sure if that's the spelling, but he is lucky, he's got a temple in his mission! Jealous. One of the other guys in our district is going there too, Elder B. (Though we pronounce it Elder Boot-lar.) Elder J is holding out hope that he won't be speaking a lot of Spanish on the mission. To be honest the thought has definitely been in my head, but you can't think like that or you won't be able to focus. The gift of tongues only comes according to the diligence you study for it, and thinking you'll be speaking Spanish the whole mission definitely lights a fire in you to actually focus and practice the language! Quote of the moment, from Praise to the Man: "Sacrifice brings forth the blessings of heaven."  Very true, I have felt God's blessings on me especially in the Spanish language, being able to recall vocabulary at the very moment I need it and surprising myself with the power of my words. The church is true!

Elder Wright

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