Monday, June 29, 2015

Score for the Spirit!

Speaking of so little time, my mission! This week was sweet though. Elder W and I made a huge Spanish push. The problem is that here, unlike other cities I've served in, the Hispanics are all spread out and hard to find. That's what's made getting new investigators so difficult. But there are a few places I know they congregate, so we headed to Las Palmas, the Spanish grocery store in Beechview, with a goal of contacting every Spanish person we saw. And we did! It was a good experience! Plus, Spanish food. Way good. We saw a lady and her kid walk away while we were engaged in gospel conversation with the taco vendor, and we were bummed we missed her. Elder W was like, "Elder Wright, where do we go?" And I just paused, listened to the Spirit, it told me to turn around and walk the other way. And we found her two minutes later, and we're going to teach her family this Wednesday. Score for the Spirit! We are also teaching now this young dude named R, he lives with P, a recent convert all the way in Penn Hills, he is very biblically literate and is interested in our teachings. So we see a lot of potential with him! It's great!

So the big news is that M is going to the temple tomorrow, and we get to go with him. The Columbus Ohio temple is three hours away, which is pushing it, but we got a special permission to attend and we are so excited. M is doing so well. He is enthusiastic about every aspect of the church, he looks for ways to serve and give to others, and he passed the sacrament for the first time yesterday. Very proud moment for me. It's amazing to see an old man just accept and live the restored gospel with as much enthusiasm and vigor as anyone I've ever seen. We are going to do baptisms for his parents and grandparents, and in the future tackle his family tree, which spans into the 1700s and is a wealth of information. That's enough to put a tear in any HP group leader's eye, eh?

We used part of our last Pday on Friday, to go to the Pirates game with M. He got fantastic seats; we were really close to the field (as opposed to the nosebleeds last time). Andrew McCutchen hit a foul ball in the first inning that hit Elder W in the arm, giving him a little bruise. He didn't catch it though, which was disappointing. The game was pretty fun. I personally find baseball a rather dull sport, but there is something invigorating about the air and atmosphere of the whole thing. I had a good time!  

Well, that's the week!

Elder Wright

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