Monday, July 28, 2014

In a sweet, yet simultaneously frightening “ Psycho" style way...

I am really glad I'm training right now. It is stressful to have everything riding on my shoulders and on my decisions, but at the same time it is really awesome. I am very happy with how Elder G is doing, and we are really doing work. Our teaching pool is really good, and we have three investigators set to be baptized this upcoming month! 
First-J. He is the step-nephew (is that a thing?) of L our recent convert, and he is 9 years old. His mom is S, the sister of V, who, like V, is also excommunicated. So the family is back and starting to come out church, and we have set him with a date for the 16th! We’re pretty pumped, he's a 9 year old kid but he is really sharp and excited to get baptized. We're just making sure the family has enough support to keep him active after he is baptized.
Next we have M! Her baptism is the 23rd of August. So she is Bro G's mom, Old Catholic lady and really nice. But just not very comfortable with new things so it has been a big struggle to get her to church. But she has been reading the B of M and praying and even fasting (which was bad, we had to kind of teach her the right way to fast when we found out she had been doing it, because she was doing it multiple days in a row and if you’re an old lady that will probably kill you.) But she has a really strong desire to know if what we teach is true. We were teaching her on a park bench last week and an old lady comes up to us, in a sweet, yet simultaneously frightening “ Psycho" style way, "So, I see you're learning from these nice young men about their FALSE RELIGION!!!!!!" The she just flipped out, telling us we were on the fast track to hell because we didn't believe in the Bible and Jesus and tons of stuff. If you know how the Spirit feels, it's potent to feel the influence of the adversary as well, because it was the opposite of a peaceful warm feeling, it was like ice daggers emanating from her. Anyways that's when M gets up and just bears a super powerful testimony to her that she knows what we've taught is true, that she doesn’t understand everything, yet but she knows that we are sent from God. The crazy woman got the hint and left.
Finally, we have to pass her on because she's not in our area but S is our investigator getting baptized on the 30th. She was a close friend of the C family and she has really felt the Spirit as she's come to church and read the B of M. She's also a pyro so we've been using a lot of fire object lessons as we've taught her. It's pretty legit. 
Elder Wright
P.S.  It must be way awesome to have Damo’s job, she has CONNECTIONS! She sent me an awesome package last week, with a NICE white shirt that Roger on the show actually wore! I was way stoked; it was super nice of her. She’s getting a thank you card, don’t worry. 

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