Tuesday, July 14, 2015

If I had a dollar for every...

The great and dreadful day is at the doors! Ha-ha it is so weird. I am excited. I can look back on my mission, knowing I wasn't perfect but also with no regrets, because I tried my hardest. And that makes the coming home easier. I remember talking with one of friends in the mission who had been pretty disobedient, and just being able to tell he knew he had shortchanged the experience. He didn't outright say it but you could just tell.
I had to laugh when I heard your trek woes bemoaning flakiness, I hate to say this but if nothing else the last two years have taught me that people are flaky! If I had a dollar for every appointment that just completely bailed on me, I could probably finance my whole mission out of mission pocket. Ha-ha that's life! Gone are the days when a man's word was his honor!
Well, I will pray for you regarding trek, that sounds stressful. I am feeling a good mix of nervous, frightened, excited, and nostalgic. The mission is such a grand and important chapter of life that really is about to terminate! It's a thrill a minute
Elder Wright

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