Saturday, March 14, 2015

The church is true! Miracles happen! So do baptisms!

So this weekend was such a miracle! 
Let's start at the beginning. L decided that baptism was not something he was ready for. However, his younger sister L, who is 8, was really excited to enter the waters of baptism! She was so anxious they got there an hour and a half early. It is really great to see the transformation that has occurred in the lives of Sister W and her family since they have started coming back to church 3 months ago. This is a great step for them on their path in the Gospel, and we hope that L will join her pretty soon. Yay! There was a big turnout for her! And an even bigger turnout for J, later that evening. She has gone through such a remarkable change these past few months, she is just glowing with the light of the gospel and she is so happy. The purpose of the gospel is to make bad people good, and good people better, and that is what has happened in J's life. Last month in testimony meeting, she announced to the congregation (in addition to a powerful testimony) that she was going to write President Monson and petition for missionaries to start wearing bow ties. So, the missionaries in the ward honored that request for her. (Not sure how the ward mission leader Brother H liked that, he was already leery that J had requested Come Thou Fount as the closing hymn. But oh well.) It was such a powerful spiritual experience. Not dissing on L's at all, but I think the Holy Ghost showed up in force for this one, it was just a wall of pure spiritual power that reduced anyone who felt it to a blubbering wreck. J's parents were there, they are both Catholic but highly supportive of it all! They then came to the confirmation the next day, another great experience! At the baptism, I gave a talk, on baptism, and Elder S baptized J. It was his first, and he has taught since the beginning, when he first came to the mission. That evening, he received his transfer call. A really good note to go out on.
So the problem was, J's confirmation took place in Jamestown, as the "hub" ward, but this Sunday was also the Fredonia group week. So after sacrament meeting we hightailed it out of there to get back to the twig. Got there during the sacrament. (Would have been there sooner had not a cop shadowed me for like 15 miles...!) But it turned out the organist, J, had slept in (it was daylights saving time, [and he is a college student]) so I then had to play the organ! What a terrifying experience! I think I did okay, though! No one walked out, at least. But anyways, what a great week! The church is true! Miracles happen! So do baptisms!
Elder Wright

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