Monday, February 9, 2015

"If you find yourself lacking in happiness, simply increase the amount of your obedience."

I'll tell you a bit about my Saturday and Sunday, since that was ward conference for us. On Saturday we were down in Westfield, which is about a 30 minute drive, where a lot of the people we visit live. We have started doing service at the library there, I’ll take pictures next time because it is the nicest library I've ever been in: Marble floors, large ionic pillars, the children's library downstairs is bright, engaging, and well-stocked. Also, it has a much simpler sorting system than Dover’s library. Plus, Elder S enjoys the library service, as opposed to Elder B, who suffered through it.
We then drove to Jamestown for the Saturday night session, it was nice. We split into smaller groups and had breakout sessions where we discussed tender mercies in our lives. Then came back together and had some more discussion. It was unusual, not really sure what I was expecting, but there was a very nice spirit to it. Also J and R, two of our investigators, came, which was a great thing for them. That night we spent the night in Jamestown, due to the long drive back to Fredonia, which was fun, I got to talk more with Elder B again. He has this little magic trick called Sherbinkam which he drives his companion crazy with, I was in on it, so that was kind of entertaining-he couldn't figure out the trick.
Ward conference was very inspiring. Stake President M had a little anecdote, a simple formula: C+O=H. Commandments+Obedience=Happiness. "If you find yourself lacking in happiness, simply increase the amount of your obedience."
Also in Priesthood meeting the stake presidency counselor gave a very well-done lesson on the plan of salvation, he touched on three things that will allow us to remain on the path and progress to return to our Father in Heaven: Prayer, Scriptures, and Service. As a missionary, we tend to teach all our less-actives that the Big 3 are Prayer, Scriptures, and Church. And while that is true, I have realized that there are a bunch of "active" members who do those things but are still, for lack of a better word, jerks. But truly altruistic service is a thing that lifts us beyond our own and makes us closer to others and the Savior. So that is true! Service! But don't stop coming to church!
L is still doing really good, his mom bought him a suit and so now he looks pretty spiffy coming to church! He is on track to get baptized the beginning of March, which is awesome! Unfortunately, his cousin D, has hit a roadblock. He told his dad that he wanted to get baptized and his dad won't permit it until he is 18. He is fine with him coming to church, but doesn't feel like his son is capable of making a big decision like that. Which is really frustrating. But he's still coming to church, and he bought himself a suit! So now he looks pretty spiffy! Just 2 1/2 years and then he can get baptized!
Yay! :(
Well that's the week. Love you!
Elder Wright
P.S. This last week was ward conference, so no twig! I miss it! Back to the twig this week.

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