Monday, June 30, 2014

And now, time for the weekly report!

President Johnson is here; we will meet him in Harrisburg on Wednesday at a big conference… It was super weird, I called President Topham Saturday to ask a quick question and he was ON HIS WAY to the airport to leave... so sad! I will this that man so much; he seriously is such an inspired person and very caring. But we'll have to see what PJ brings to the table now that PTop is gone.
New companion this week! I drove up to Pittsburgh with Elder B, who's going home. That was a fun experience. He's a great elder, very wise and sage like ha-ha. I knew who my comp would be right from the get-go because he was the only one who came from the Mexico MTC, but I didn't tell him right away, I actually wore my English tag to stake him out a bit and get to know him. But then I introduced my self,  my comp is Elder G from Las Vegas, Nevada. He is a determined and hardworking elder, but very sharp and quick on the draw. Super willing to open his mouth, and that has been a huge help this week! He's also pretty good with Spanish, but the dialects can trip him up a bit. But it's all-good. Elder G actually has a lot in common with me, he plays piano, graduated from high school at 17 (though he did early) and went to BYU, where he stayed at Building 9. And he is a lot of fun. So training is going really well. 
So we have been beasting it up this week! I don't know if it's because Heavenly Father wants to help Elder G out because it's his first week but things were going really well. We just focused on talking with everybody, and we saw incredible blessings. We stopped to talk to this lady on the street who was completely indifferent to us, but her friend on the porch invited us inside. She had met with missionaries many years before with her grandmother, and remembered that we brought a good Spirit. So we taught A the Restoration and the Spirit was really strong, we invited her to baptism on August 2. She accepted and is on track! She also gave us a referral to go find her grandmother, so maybe we can start teaching her as well.
We also met with Ms, who is the mother of Brother G. She is this really nice old lady, very Catholic, but she definitely has felt the Spirit at the church. She talks in way thick Spanish though. But we will definitely keep working with her.
And finally the other night we were out with Brother H and everything just fell through. it was pretty bad, all our fallbacks were bailing on us too. Then I got the impressing to go to T and S, a couple we had talked to earlier as we were walking to an appointment. I told them that we had been sent as representatives of Christ to teach them the message they needed to hear in that moment. They let us in. They had met missionaries in Puerto Rico and had liked them but had never taken the discussions. We taught them in Spanish, and even though he had no idea what was going on Brother H bore some incredible testimony. It was legit. Afterwards they asked how many missionaries lived in Lancaster. A little taken aback, I told them 4, two elders and sisters. He seemed surprised there were so few, but ran to his kitchen, handed us a carton of 30 eggs, and made us promise to give half to the other missionaries. Ha-ha it was pretty weird. But awesome. It was a real lesson in diligence; if we had given up after all our lessons bailed we would not have taught them.
So what's the takeaway? That there is so much more success when there has been a seed planted. Sometimes, it's another missionary. Even better, it is the example of a faithful member who opens his mouth to invite the missionaries to stop by. 
Man, the life of a missionary is awesome.
Elder Wright

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