Monday, February 10, 2014

Photobombing senator

So this is me at the front of the Capitol. See that dude in the back with the grin and the silver hair? He's a senator of some sort. He saw us taking photos and went up and introduced himself, asked where we were from. I told him CA and he was kind of suprised, so we explained we were missionaries working here. he informed us he was Roman Catholic. When we tell people we're missionaries, they always tell us their religion, as if that should warn us from trying to convert them or something. Anyways he says "Lets get a picture!" So i hand my camera to that aide guy and we line up and smile and he snaps two pictures, he says. Well when I got to the car I realized the aide had screwed up and just focused the camera twice. So the only picture we have with this senator guy is the one where he is photobombing me. Oh well!

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