Tuesday, December 17, 2013

So I was like, “okay,” and I did.

The first thing I can think of, happened about a week ago.  The first part is studies, when I received a super strong prompting to study The Plan of Salvation, so I was like, “Okay,” and I did.  Then we biked out to visit some investigators, who lived down on Camp Street by the waterfront.  But, for whatever reason, we seriously could not find the street.  People gave us crazy directions.  Elder P’s GPS would tell us to leave Harrisburg, it was nuts.  Super discouraging, but finally we found Camp St.  I realized that I had switched the addresses – instead of the people we had meant to see, we had the address of an old referral who hadn’t been super interested the last time we stopped by.  But, we were already there, and it had taken forever, so we tried the door.  She opened it, let us come in, and was super glad we stopped by.  She had a ton of questions about our purpose here on earth and what happens after we pass away, which was what I had been compelled to study that morning.  So it was really incredible! We were guided to where we needed to be at that time. Awesome!

Another new thing is Elder P! He’s from ID, been out for just under a year.  So far, we haven’t had any contention or anything because he is just really laid back.  He doesn't want to cause waves, I guess, so he just goes with it.  Which is good because this area is way different from his last one, and I’ve been taught how to do things differently from other missionaries I guess, just because we teach so many lessons here in Harrisburg. 

The other thing is that he is not a Spanish elder.  And with Elder L gone, the weight of our Spanish lessons (which have picked up lately) is all on me.  So, I’ve been studying way harder.  It’s been way tough.

So, I had been out on a team up with Brother T and we had been trying to locate a Carmen M, a less active member from Peru.  We had the address, knocked on the door, and a woman named Carmen let us in, all excited about the missionaries, who had met with her in the past.  So we taught her, and she was enthusiastic, so we came back a week after.  As we taught her and her brother and sister-in-law, she told us she didn't think she had ever been a member of the church, which was weird.  (All this in Spanish, by the way.)  And things like Joseph Smith and the Book Of Mormon all seemed really new to her.  So, we asked the ward council about Carmen M, and they told us about some much older lady with a 20-year-old son.  So it turns out that this was a new Carmen M, who had moved into the same house, who had previously met with missionaries.  So now, this Carmen M is our new investigator!


Elder Wright

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