Monday, November 11, 2013

So, I just boldly testified....

Dear Family,

So email time is pretty reduced.  So odds are you’ll get more letters.  Yay!  But anyways, this week has been pretty good.  Busy, for sure.  It’s also been unexpectedly warm, which has been super nice.  But that’s over.  Today is cold again.  Anyways, here’s some adventures that have happened.

I gave a blessing in Spanish!  That was pretty intense, it was for this less active lady named M, who is the sister of Sister D.  She just had a baby and was pretty wiped, but the blessing definitely brought in the Spirit, all her kids stopped screeching, and it was pretty intense.  Definitely need to increase my Spanish vocabulary though, I had a stupor of thought for a second where I couldn't think of anything and no words came to mind.  But then, the Spirit took over, which was neat.  

So we also got a media referral this week.  The success rates with these are abysmal, I guess people are pretty surprised missionaries actually show up when they request a visit.  But we contacted this lady who did, and arranged a time to come back.  So we came back, and the first thing the lady says is  “Nope, I’m not interested anymore.”  Some person at her church had told her a bunch of crap about our church, that we didn't believe in Christ and some nonsense.  So, I just boldly testified of Christ, and she was like “oh, you can come in.  I don’t want any pamphlets or your book though. “  So, we came in, and we just kept teaching and testifying until she took a pamphlet.  She wouldn't take a Book of Mormon though.  So we bore testimony of Joseph Smith, how he really was a prophet of God, and she felt the spirit.  So she said, “Okay, I will take a Book of Mormon,” it was super awesome!  Definitely glad for the Spirit’s help in softening her heart, she went from straight up rejecting us to saying she would come to church.  (She didn’t, but we’re working on that.)  It was great.

In other news, we followed another great prompting and got another new investigator.  It’s for the other elders though because she is just outside of our area.  But we had several appointments fall through, and I was leading that day.  I got this strong prompting to visit an investigator who lives pretty far away, biking.  But we trekked out there, only to discover that she was, as usual, not home.  So I was feeling pretty discouraged, but Elder D suggested we ask a neighbor if there would be a better time.  So we did.  This lady answers, finds out we are missionaries, and invites us in.  She’s awesome!  Just starting to go back to church and she was super interested in the Book of Mormon.  And she was saying some questions she had that were so well answered by the Book of Mormon, like about infant baptism and other stuff; it was pretty perfect.  I invited her to be baptized and she said she would if she found out that what we had told her was true.  So it was awesome! Yeah! 

Something I have been thinking about recently is how much the gospel can really change people if they let it.  Like K - when I first met him, he was shy, pretty reserved, not much of a smiler.  But at church last Sunday, he was grinning, talking to people, really enjoying other’ people’s company and coming out of his shell.  And R, a guy who was recently baptized by the “drive” elders.  He’s diabetic to the extreme, super big with a full time insulin pump.  But, he’s really loving church, he comes every week and brings his kids.  He is so eager to be there.  Last Sunday, Elder L and I were int he foyer when the sacrament was being passed because we were responding to a phone call.  Halfway through the prayer, 300+ pounds of R come barreling in full steam trying to make it on time.  We had to hold him back and explain he should make a more dignified entrance after the sacrament was completed.  It’;s pretty great though, just seeing people’s lives improve and brighten as they learn about Jesus Christ.  

Keep up the good work, help the missionaries, and read scriptures together!

Elder Wright

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